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WELCOME to Phil Levesque Photography!

I’m a part time professional photographer residing in the New England area. Photography has been a hobby of mine for over 6 years, however, I’ve been slowly making my way into the professional arena.

I’m experienced in a wide range of photography genres, including Sports, Portraits and Events.

Whether it’s a party, night out with family and friends, engagement/couples photos, or family portraits, I strive to capture the most memorable moments. If it’s a sporting event for the athlete in your life, I strive to capture those exciting plays that depict determination, character and commitment to the athlete's sport.

My pictures have been published in Line Up The Mag and in an ad for Notion Clothing which ran in Mundo Rad, both surfing related magazines.

I shoot with the Nikon digital camera system and use only the best lenses for the highest image quality.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer with reasonable rates, then I’m your man.

Please contact me via email at; for rates, prints or questions.

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